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I'll end it before April.
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Look at the rope analogy Suzuha gave out in this episode. To be fair, I could do with having another look at it - but from what I remember, here's what happens:

A rope may look like one single line, but it's made up of several smaller lines that are closely packed together. All of the changes using the D-mail (possibly barring the first D-mail in Ep 1) moved the world line from one of those smaller rope lines to another small rope line within the same strand of rope.

All of those world lines (within a certain strand of rope) have certain events within that are fated to happen regardless of which world line within that 'strand of rope' is being used (by that logic, even if Ruka was a boy or if Akihabara still contained the otaku culture, Mayuri would still die.)

By changing to a different 'rope' by breaking the 1% barrier, the events that are fated to occur within the first rope no longer occur.

Don't take my word as gospel truth - but that's what I think.
Yep that's what she said. The main line aka Alpha/Beta the rope. And these main lines have sub-line which have all the same end even if the scenario to this end is different.
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