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Originally Posted by Myssa Rei View Post
Awai: Teru!
Teru: What is it?
Awai: I want to hear about the scary face you made on DVD 8's cover.
Teru: Uwaaaah!
Teru: As for that ... how should I say, when I take photographs, well ...
Teru: Ummm ...
Awai: A shy Teru ... (a bad pun here)
Awai: Shall I also go for it as well in my upcoming photo shoot? Just like this ...
Teru: Stop it!

Take note, the DVD cover in question was back when the only real details we had on Teru, or Shiraitodai for that matter, were that they were scary people that Kiyosumi had to defeat (hence Teru's evil smile). Funny how a few years changes things eh?
Yeah, I'm aware of that DVD cover image. Back then, it was really misleading; somewhat similar to Toki's "Three Army => Third Team" thing.

Thanks for the translation.
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