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I would just like to say that the achiga raws are already up.

[Raw] Saki Achiga 14:

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Teru x Sumire or Teru x Saki?
Canonically, Its a bit hard to say since Teru x Sumire has so little interactions. Most of the interactions we have of them is adversarial, with Sumire acting as Teru's conscience most of the time. I imagine that Sumire is Teru's equivalent of Nodoka for Saki - Perhaps her best friend considering they're in the same year and the fact that Sumire was the only one who has the guts to chide Teru helps too. So the possibility of a pairing is there....

On the other hand, Teru and Saki hasn't met outside of flashbacks and probably wouldn't be meeting anytime soon ... but, their relationship or what the hell happened to it casts a very heavy shadow to the whole story.

In fact, the whole story happened because of their relationship - its practically Saki's entire motivation. Saki choose to play mahjong again because of Teru and I have a feeling that Saki's dislike of mahjong at the beginning is also because of Teru.

And Teru's reaction to whenever Saki was mentioned doesn't help matters - whenever Teru was asked about Saki, the tension skyrockets and you can actually see apathetic Teru reacting to something. Whatever Teru may say, she harbors very strong feelings concerning Saki.

So in conclusion, at the moment I rather like the Teru x Saki pairing more than Teru x Sumire and Saki x Nodoka for that matter. Their relationship even if they haven't been shown having an onscreen interaction that is not a flashback is simply fascinating.
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