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Hre is a nugget from said article:

That does not mean the GOP must offer up amnesty. It does mean that a group that is a natural fit for the GOP on social issues, must in someway be made to feel comfortable with the GOP."

Such raw honesty from a politician is rare, they basically want to trick latinos into voting for republicans without embracing them. I know public education in the USA is on the decline, but latinos will not vote in droves for candidates that do not embrace them.

Originally Posted by kyp275 View Post
Is warming going to permanently destroy the planet like some of the AGW proponents have been saying? not remotely true, unless we're all living on a planet that has already been destroyed multiple times
How about five? If you meant totally destroyed then you are right, that only happened once.

@GundamFan0083 about ammo shortage

My theory is that international drug cartes are buying all the ammo in your area (paying way more than retail price), so the local law enforcement does not really know why it is happening or are telling you what they think you would accept without a second thought. Therefore IMO it is non political issue.
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