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I don't think it's actually any different. If you follow the novel thread, there are lots of people with their own favourite heroine or desired ending. But, of those dedicated enough to the franchise to have followed the novels to some degree, I doubt many hate Kirino that much, or else they'd just give up. But there seem to be more people willing to watch the anime despite hating Kirino -- likely because it takes less of an investment.

Personally speaking, I like all three of the heroines people often take sides over (Kirino, Kuroneko, and Ayase), so the shipping wars seem pretty silly to me... but you're right that things will probably get heated.
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Not really though, at the very least the Light Novel thread seem balanced enough between Kirino/Kuroneko/Ayase.
I know that's fans who follow/active on the LN thread are more balanced, that's why I said it's the anime-only viewers/fans (those who only post/active on the current episode threads) ^^

I also never participated on shipping wars. Sure I wish for Ayase end but truthfully I'm fine with either open end, Kirino end (though I think Kirino end will equal open end), or Kuroneko end (my least favorite of the three). Heck I'd probably fine if it's Kanako end, as impossible as it is The only one I'd be disappointed with is, probably if it's Manami end
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