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I think it's possible to assume Kyousuke has no feelings for her. Similar to Daisuke being an over-protective father, Kyousuke is simply an over-protective brother, he doesn't want to put a family member he cares about on the hands of a man he doesn't know. [...] As of Volume 11, I haven't seen Kyousuke blatantly having feelings other than sibling-relationship to his sister.
I feel that's a bit of a selective reading of Kyousuke's behaviour towards Kirino in the most recent volumes (9, 10, 11). Some of his fantasizing and comments cross well over the line in my view. But I suppose it can be re-interpreted once the final volume comes out. For more details, we can probably go to the novel thread. (Edit: I'll add this as a reference to my previous comment about this, but it was something that was discussed quite a bit in the thread at the time.)

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