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1) How do I make the icons on my desktop smaller? I'm using the highest display setting possible.
No, don't think you can.

2) Is there a way I can uninstall Windows Media Player 11 (or downgrade it)?
Use MPC, foobar/Winamp to use the filetypes WMP uses by default. It'll be like WMP11 never existed. (ffdshow/CCCP installs are the same as XP, fyi)

3) Even with my administrator account, every freaking action I do requires confirmation, like double. Is there a way to turn that off? Yes, I do realize the risks associated with doing so, but I'll let my antivirus take care of that, thank you.
Just disable UAC; you're not an idiot that can't determine exactly what you are doing, unlike the rest of the world. See pic. Note that every time you'll get a little taskbar popup warning when you log in.

I kind of wish Vista would just ask for the root password instead of freezing everything onscreen and fading it into black while this shiny box asks if I'm sure I want to do something that I do every day. But then, I disabled UAC, so who cares.
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