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Hey Godlike, thanks for passing by! /gives cookie and notes down to make him a siggie soon

As for the BG it is so blurred because it was a bit messy and would have looked really full if I hadn't made it so.

ganbaru, it is rather strange, before I remember that my thread used to be buried under other gazillions but now it still stays on the main page without me updating so much. Thanks for the C&C! /gives cookie

Now a few things from the new longer-lasting theme that me and the other admin are making on our forum (I do the graphics, he does the scripting). I will printscreen a few things and the rest will turn them into image links.

This is the "banner" which is really composed of 9 images and each of them is a hyperlink leading to an anime genre subforum. My resolution is quite big but for smaller ones there are arrows on each side so you can basically "scroll" left and right.

And since one of the theme is sci-fi (the other is fantasy/mahou) we have introduced anime sci fi elements in the image space on the subforum index as you can see and also in the thead. A lot of the tweaks are hand made and in the updates to come I've painted effects myself while trying not to kill my eyes.

For those 9 categories of anime we haven't updated the forum with the images like in the image above, since I've just done them today and my "co-worker" is sleeping. But I will come back with more!

And now the 3 main ranks that I've just redone in the past 2 hours:

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