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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
If you don't want any extra clutter, press "v" and then you won't have to see anything besides the environment and the tanks in it.
I use XVM because it helps me, not because I like the clutter.
well that would be good if i was making a vid, but i'm playing a game, so i need the crosshair.

XVM to show the tank types on the minimap is useless if you don't keep looking at it often. I can use the minimap and guess based on the list of tanks still alive, I still can wipe the floor against enemy tanks half the time. but ppl using XVM and still lose to someone using stock gui and interface needs to uninstall and start over again and make a new account.

no offense, but if they have all this high tech modding and still manage to lose becuz they can't play as a team, then they deserve to lose, even if they are on my team. I could care less, I don't even have to try half of the time to get at least 1 or 2 kills before i die, if i'm lucky i can even get top gun.

anyways my honest opinion on XVM is that ppl that use them and still sit back afking or something similar deserved to be killed by the enemy.
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