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Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade)

Well, first I watched the anime and it was really good so I decided to buy the manga when I saw it in Chapters (thats Canada's large bookstore chain). But after buying it, I have a few questions.

I read the Wikipedia article on it ( and it says that the manga is still being published? the manga still new and the anime was done first?

And if you scroll down, it shows cover pictures that look way different then mine even though its of volume one and I bought volume one.. Why is this? (the red cover is WAY cooler looking than the cover I got)

And lastly, which IS the proper name? Erementar Gerad or Elemental Gelade? Mine says "Elemental Gelade" but the pictures on wikipedia say "Erementar Gerad"

Btw, this is the first manga I've ever bought so sorry if my first 2 questions have obvious (to you guys) answers.

Thanks in advance
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