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Originally Posted by LostHanyou View Post
Lol... Despite how Nasu tried to rationalize it, it seems like it's more 'whatever the author feels like'.

I mean, it's acknowledged that Heracles is one of the most famous heroes. Yet Berserker is nerfed to hell compared to the mythological hero. Meanwhile King Arthur has Excaliblast
Probably because no matter how awesome master Illya was, she cannot supply enough magic energy to restore Heracles to his full power. As for his skills, those are restricted because of the Mad Enchantment.
Yes, in a way Heracles was nerfed to hell. He's still amongst the strongest Servants. Frankly, only Gilgamesh was above him.

As for Excaliblast, that's something Saber supposedly had in her lifetime. Maybe it got enhanced somewhat by Excalibur being the symbol of chivalry.
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