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None of those examples actually killed the Servants though!

Really, it's supposed to be impossible most of the time, but given the right circumstances and a thorough preparation, it's possible to put up a fight. Kuzuki had his blows enhanced by magic from another Servant and had the surprise and unpredictability factor, which is why after the first fight Saber would beat him without much trouble. Rin was just really well prepared for both Caster and Berserker, but she still didn't actually defeat them, just trounced them a little. Well, she did take one of Berserker's lives, but multiple lives are a part of his arsenal. As for Shirou, Archer was basically half-dead by then and had no Master to supply him with mana, so he was heavily handicapped, no to mention he most likely held back because he didn't actually want to kill Shirou so much as he wanted to reassess his resolve. And Shirou vs Gilgamesh was basically a once in a lifetime miracle, since UBW was the perfect counter for Gil, whose unwillingness to fight at full power against opponents he doesn't respect also bit him in the ass, as usual.

Still, those were fun. I'm actually surprised and a little disappointed that no Master vs Servant fight has occurred at all in the Fate/Zero anime thus far. And probably won't at this rate. I guess the 4th War's Servants are just too strong.
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