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Hamazura is obsolete; his [Protagonist] title has been replaced with [Slave].

He has used up all of his cool points.
“There are many different types of heroes. …There are those who aren’t told what to do and just move straight ahead following the feelings welling up within. …There are those who committed a major sin in the past and try to walk down the right path due to the anguish that sin brings them. …And there are those who were chosen by no one and possess none of the characteristics one would expect of a hero, and yet becomes a hero for that one person they care for. Each of those types is the type of person who will always stand back up when knocked to the ground.”
His job isn't to stand out but to turn on the tables once he gets a picture of the situation.

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I'm telling you, I'm waiting for the battle of emperor of luck vs the magic god.
Even Ragnarok would fall into pieces the day Hamazura utterly defeats the Magic God .

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Touma vs Birdway was great, it's good to see that Touma's precognition and combat skills with Imagine Breaker are improving. We also got to see a hint about what Birdway's really thinking. The way she got pissed when Touma mentioned she has too much power struck a chord. Birdway is similar to Seria: she has too much power, too much talent, too much responsibilty, so she ends up making the most rational choices despite what she really wants. So a powerless person like Touma who is free to do anything, and actually succeeds must be interesting to her.
That reminds me, Leivinia implied she did choose to be the leader in order to leave Patricia have a normal life.

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But Touma can't just cancel those. Because magic is imbued ONTO weapons, he needs to touch those with his right hand.

Good luck doing that when you're a street fighter while your opponent is a master of martial arts.
If he tried then he would end 3 days KO like vol.1 or almost dead like vol.16 again .
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