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i don't know, i think he's right for the most part. his snotty attitude might be annoying to some but i think he has every right to brag. tsunade is no doubt the weakest among the five hokage. anyone who disagrees with that is in denial. and the rest of the kage are by far less interesting than him or hashirama and the kage before them. i was actually glad that finally someone from narutoverse openly said that she's weak compared to her predecessors. it's not the character's fault but kishi's, and now he is trying to correct that mistake. i can't help but expect an asspull somewhere.
I was referring more to his arrogance towards the current generation of Kages as a whole. Tsunade was only the fourth choice successor to Hiruzen at best, behind Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Minato. As powerful as some of their predecessors they may not be, but almost any two of the current Kage would be able to curbstomp Madara if he only had his own abilities.
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