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Originally Posted by demon_god04 View Post
The Gurren isn't a one trick pony, it may not have everything slapped into it like the Lancelot but as we have seen Kallen use her radiation claw in various ways and modes she has more then one "trick". And I hope the Lancelot doesn't get the radiation surge as well, it already has four slash hakens, the varis, a hadron cannon, MVS swords, and his green shields. Besides, the Lancelot does not really need it as it already has the weapons to perform the tasks that the radiation surge is used for.
I meant as in all its eggs in the 1 basket.

Originally Posted by Silver Soul View Post
I thought this was the Kallen Discusssion thread not the Mech and Technology thread
It's about Kallens mech it should be okay, i hope.
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