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Several posts have passed already...

Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Given the fact that she's being held in Japan I don't see Charles geassing her. If he does I'd be surprised.
Is she being held in Japan? I wasn't so sure if she was being held in a ship and Nunnally just happened to travel to see her. I figure governors would at least have that kind of freedom. But, now that I think about it and after rewatching it, you might be right.

Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
What do you mean sense? You mean sense as in let me go?

She's brought peace to Japan. Even Odyssessus has confirmed that for us and from what the Emperor stated, he doesn't have an issue with it (or shouldn't). So what sense can Kallen bring to her? The whole point of Lelouch exiling Zero was to remove the Black Knights from Japan.
Hence why I put sense in quotes. We all know Nunnally knows that Lelouch has to carry on a charade. Whether she knows why or not, we don't know. Kallen could attempt to change Nunnally's view of Zero and end up revealing Zero's identity since Lelouch is her brother. Of course, chances are, everything will instead go south because of that. But, this is just one of many possibilities hence why my last post was vague.
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