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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
^ Neeldess.
Anyway I wonder who can still think that Aikawa is a girl. I think was pretty clear a this point that she is a He. hell Aikawa itself say this from the first 1 or 2 ch.
Well the whole point of the manga is that since he (and by extension the author) is such a little devil about his words, what he states his physical gender to be may not be believable.

In fact, since he keeps asserting that he's a guy and therefore does not want to be referred to as a girl, I had to go over this post and change "she" to "he".

But there's little point in the story for Aikawa to be a girl.

And I really just want this to happen again. I think the teasing has gone down recently.
(He looks more like a guy with his hair down, go figure.)

Anyway, between Prunus Girl and Hourou Musuko I think I have all my genderbender bases covered.
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