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The enemies are fairly non descript and the transformation sequences of the Valks don't have the functional elegance of past designs. Not a fan of stuff detaching and suddenly reattaching. Fine if it something like Mazinger or Voltron, but not in a Real robot franchise (yes I hate designs like this in Gundam as well).
The VF-25 doesn't actually have parts detaching and reattaching, if you look closely at the transformation. You're probably thinking of the VF-25's nose section, but it just has multiple pivot points to rotate the nose tip to the center of the torso. It's like what the VF-11 from Macross Plus had, only one step further with more pivot points.

Everything is still connected by a joint, so it's not like a few Gundam designs where a part flies off and conveniently reattaches to another section.
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