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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Well, I guess the main thing I would mention as a comment would be that it's worth considering the "era" in which this show aired. On the one hand it was "only 4 years ago", but at the same time, Da Capo was the first anime in the genre to get greenlit for a 26-episode run. It helped set the stage for eroge-based anime being a staple the way it is today. So I feel that comparing it to the more refined approaches used today is a bit incomplete in terms of an overall perspective.
Very astute. I originally was going to acknowledge that this is a review in context of current anime, as opposed to the era, but I left it off for brevity. Taken in the context of the time, it certainly deserves a higher score. My own tastes didn't even move towards this sort of series until about two years ago. So, I am not familiar with the prototypical works like you are. I should have been more forward about it in the original review, but I did make a concscious decision to review it from today's perspective.

I also very much agree that a good dramatic anime needs to be light hearted then get more serious over time. As with you, I feel this is very important to connect with the characters. In almost any story, people have to care about the character before they will care about their background, or deep inner feelings. All my favorite eroge-based anime do this very same thing. The only problem I have with Da Capo is that the light-hearted section just didn't 'click' with me. So, it was entirely a matter of taste here. Reviews are somewhat subjective. Also, I'm kind of a tough reviewer.

Ultimately, I stand by my original review, with a little disclaimer stating that "This review is from a current perspective."

Also, RelentlessFlame, thank you for your thoughtful response to my post.
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