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I just recently rewatched Da Capo, so I'll add a few minor coments of my own.

Originally Posted by therationalpi View Post
I felt that Da Capo's humor was drawn out. Moreover, I never really found it all that funny.
True, it was not extreamly funny but I thought it was amusing enough to support the true purpose of the first half of the series, developing the characters into something the viewer could care about.

Da Capo becomes increasingly dramatic, and everything about the series loses its light and airy feel.
This is my own favorite part of the season. The level of drama and emotion in the second half of Da Capo is something that is seldom seen in your run-of-the-mill harem series. I found myself drawn in emotionally to the story as much as just about any series I have watched.

(I have yet to see season 2)
The advice of many fans of the fist season would be not to bother. It does continue the story of Junichi and Nemu to a limited degree, but in a way that I found inconsistent with their characters and story in the first season. In addition, most of the second season is given over to a handful of new characters, none of whom have the strength IMO to carry the show (ranging from forgettable to annoying). All in all, I found it a waste of time, despite my enthusiasm for Da Capo going into the series.

certain characters may have seen longer arcs.
One of my few disappointments in the first season was that Moe (one of my favorite characters) did not get enough development time to explain her connection with the sakura tree (all the main characters, of course, shared a connection with the tree, but her's was never really explained).
Spoiler for Moe's Connection:

The ending is well done. There is plenty of drama, sadness, and a certain bitter-sweetness that is incredibly satisfying.
I admit to being shallow enough that I generally prefer "happy endings" but even I acknowledge that a really well done bitter-sweet ending (like Da Capo) can be even more emotionally powerful.

Then there are the "Side-Episodes."
There seems to be a lot of disagreement about the "side-episodes". Personally, I found them to be confusing and a total waste of time in the series, that could have been much better spent on more development of the characters which you yourself pointed out could have used more time. Despite and "artistic" merit they have have had in and of themselves, I feel they in the end detracted from the series more than they added to it. If they had been added later as some sort of DVD extras, that might have worked better I think, to make their independence from the main storyline more apparent.
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