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The advice of many fans of the fist season would be not to bother. It does continue the story of Junichi and Nemu to a limited degree, but in a way that I found inconsistent with their characters and story in the first season. In addition, most of the second season is given over to a handful of new characters, none of whom have the strength IMO to carry the show (ranging from forgettable to annoying). All in all, I found it a waste of time, despite my enthusiasm for Da Capo going into the series.
This is something i personally disagree with.
Spoiler for DCSS:

I see nothing in DCSS that would make it any worse than the first season. One can even argue it doesn't have the very long and "pointless" comedy setup in the first half, which is something a lot of people dislike in the first season. Overall it delivered a solid story and a decent continuation with a satisfying conclusion and a message, so i don't see much of a problem with it.
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