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Junichi, Sakura and Nemu are the most central figures to the story of Da Capo. Of course other characters have their own importance and stories to tell, those three make up the core of Da Capo than can be traced back to their childhood. In such a case either Sakura or Nemu would be the "canon end". Well, in case of Da Capo it is made all the much easier to distinguish the "true end", seeing that the sequels (both game and anime) follow the same ending - Nemu's ending. Thus the writer has kinda "chosen" which end he himself considers the closest to "true end".
Yup, that's right. In fact, this is one of the things the anime did a bit differently -- they sort of merged the Nemu and Sakura endings a bit more than they were in the game, since they're both extremely important to the story. Basically, it's quite simple: since everything in Da Capo revolves around the ever-blooming sakura tree, those most connected to the tree will always be the main characters in the overall story.

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It would be interesting to see what happened in Sakura's ending... after all, she was the one who made the promise of everlasting love with Jyunichi, which was sealed by the magic of the sakura tree.

Considering she is the "destined" and "promised" girl, is most intimately tied to the magical sakura tree, and is responsible for making the most important decisions at the end, I think the writer could have just as easily chosen Sakura's end as the "canon" one. Alas, it was not to be.
See above for part of the answer (the anime already blended parts of Sakura's ending into it). Knowing where they went with it, though, I have to agree with the writers' choice though. The way they did it, Sakura is actually even more important in the sequels than she would have been if they followed her game ending. So I think it worked out for the best. But that's a topic for another thread, probably.

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It's also interesting to note that she snatches "lead girl" status from Nemu towards the end of the anime, though she loses out on the race for Jyunichi's heart. Her fate is not unlike Nayuki in Kanon 2002, who became the most important girl of the show by the end...
Oh god damn... this anime is on my list... after reading something like that about the end I dont think that i could watch it.
I'm the "happily ever after"-Type so sad endings are toooo much for me.
*Sigh*... and this is why people have to be careful about referring to other shows that they assume everyone else has watched... (I think you'll probably like it anyway, mangalowres, so I'd give it a chance.)
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