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Originally Posted by vandakiara View Post
anyone has more ideas?
Gin x Neko-sensei?

Originally Posted by vandakiara View Post
ahah yeah, Moka's fanbase isn't just because she's the main lead

hmm, you're probably right about Ruby.. that is, if she gets more chapters... I hope she does though
I don't think that'll happen, she's somehow like the adult-like girl who takes care of the children. If it happens that she gets a new arc just for her, probably she'll get closer to Tsukune, leaving the position of "mother" she has now. Why not? well, everygirl has her role already assumed, they can get closer or further to Tsukune, but they never leave their role (Mizore>stalker - Yukari>Loli - etc).
However, if she gets a whole arc but as a side story, then that might help her.
All this was imo, just in case.
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