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I have to say the question about what Fino should do is actually interesting. Of course I'm still saying beat the crap out of the guys that attacked her. But it makes me wonder about the state of the demon's territory. How destabilized has it become because of Fino's father being defeated? In a position of power Fino could actually do a lot of good with the lessons she's learned and mindset she has. Helping to advance her people and gain some of the positives the human world has to offer.

Of course in the end it's more about the lifestyle that will make Fino happy. Let's face it might be best for her to just stay working in that store and staying out of the spotlight .

The worst thing of course to do would be to let those so-called heroes have their way and making her to be a new target that would revitalize the hero 'career'.
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Fino in that dress and Raul being taken in by a sword
On the positive Raul seeing Fino in that dress made him forget all about the sword .
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