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I've started rewatching this series ever since Gift ~ Eternal Rainbow started, as a way of comparing the two series...

The second time around, I'm definitely getting the "jilted lover" vibes from Sakura. She seems to be in a position similar to Riko, except Jyunichi switched to Nemu, instead of sticking with Sakura.

Plus, with Sakura being a childhood friend, the promised girl, first love, AND the girl most connected with the Sakura tree - I'm not so sure whether Sakura was actually supposed to be the "canon" ending.

Any idea as to what happens in Sakura's path? I could easily imagine Nemu and Sakura switching roles in the catfight.

P.S. The promised girl doesn't seem to be invulnerable, as Sakura went down in a blaze of glory. And Tamaki (To Heart 2) doesn't quite pull it off either, despite being a childhood friend, promised girl, and first love.
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