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Originally Posted by kakakka View Post
Place where people can b*tch about Bleach...Awesome

Ok. Things that i think needed to be improved...

1) SS people getting too much screen time.
- Due to popular demand, Soul Reapers from SS got more screen time, overshadowing the peeps that need it most. SS people are already awesome, I get it. But the screen time should have focused on the main protagonists, since they need those screen time to show their development. Well, instead, they are left to crumble and amount to nothing...

2) Dragged on meaning less fights.
- Kenpachi/Nnotria, Szayel/all, etc. These fight got dragged on and on and all their fights only accomplished is that one side wins. If the battle chapters have meaning (like Ulquiorra Antagonist Arc, IMO) I wouldn't have mind. But I don't feel any special regarding those fights and I think they were just waste of chapter pages....

3) Inconsistent Power-Levels during fights
- Teh whole "Enemy powered up, Hero is screwed. Next chapter, Hero powered-up, Enemy got screwed. Next Chapter, Hero talks about how he/she/it better than the Enemy" formula. Might not follow the whole sequence, but the fights most of the time follows the almost the same formula. It's getting boring at times, and is the source of bashing, rants, etc etc.

i like lots of stories, it would be a great idea to do a ark with only ss characters, like something happens, and we see different SS characters troughout the evenments. i think ichigo could get less screentime, because right now i wanna know more about other character since ichigo's story is getting rapidly boring
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