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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post Dragon Ball and Naruto, the big dogs are the main characters. In One Piece, Luffy is not the biggest or the bestest (yet), he is the middle-level character that is fighting in the big leagues due to his will and desire to save his beloved brother. So, your comparison doesn't make much sense, and any complaint you may draw from such a superficial comparisson is ultimately incorrect...
Pain is a main character? Cell? Go look at the battles again, so you can understand what I'm talking about. Those heavy hitters got busy IN THEIR ARCS from the gates, While Oda has his sitting there playing RPG.

Uhm, maybe you forgot Oars? He was the big guy that worked for Whitebeard, had a stupid look on his face...wore a hat; you should remember that he charged right out to the front of the fight knocking over the Vice-Admiral giants all the way, until he reached the execution platform where he was viciously killed (well, supposedly killed...he did lose a leg though, and at least a lung) by the Shichibukai. So...your complaint is invalid because what you are complaining about as having not happened, has in fact happened...
And maybe you didn't read this post and purposely ignored it..

Originally Posted by Phenomenal
LULZ, Oars doesn't have elite commanders under him and he doesn't have quake powers that can shatter Admirals on point! I'm not just talking Whitebeard here I'm talking Whitebeard pirates...Yet we got retarded Luffy charging in [With back up from whitebeard pirates] and now you say whitebeard can't do the same with all the back up he's brought?

Which they've already done, and are still doing...or do you think all the pictures of characters fighting is just the marines practicing on each other what there going to do to Whitebeard and his 'family'?
Cannon fodder cannon fodder..Show me where the big boys are doing what Luffy is doing. One move and stop don't count..

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