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Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
^And here it is now the World powers arc...It's time to throw down. Cell Games, Cell went out against Goku right off the bat, the pain invasion arc, Pain got busy immediately. No different in this war, where this is suppose to be the main powers stage who tried to get busy but stopped and decided to take pics of Luffy..
Ahhhh, actually it didnít went like that, Cell went to various transformation before fighting Goku, and not until he fought Gohan that we saw all of his powers. Pain fought Jiriaya first, and he only did Half of what he was capable of when he fought In Konoha.

This is not really the world power ARC, this is the rescue Ace arc which started in Impel Down and the climax was set-up to be here. we only are seen a transitions between places

Whitebeard already showed a glimpse of what he is capable of, There is no character there intended to fight whitebeard directly, he is not a Principal character where the author can have the luxury to throw at him a Named Villain. Unless the Author just want to make someone defeating him and establish a villain power (which With Whitebeard I doubt it happens).

Everyone of the named Villain in this war has an intended fate with a Principal character, except maybe for Moira, who had his own Arc and was defeated already, so his relevance in the story has been diminished. And can now bee used as Canon Fodder just like Cocodrile.

Again the main difference here is that Both Pain and Cell where villains, whereas The whiteberd crew are presented as the good guys in this arc.
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