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Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
With the Government as the villains [Kizaru Shichibukai ect]...Whitebeard has to get through them to get to ace and he ain't doing it but he's letting Luffy do it...
But that is the point actually, Oda is not going to put whitebeard go and have an actual fight, He is going to be used to work in the background, taking out no names characters as the story progreses.

I guess you can see him as Captain Yamamoto from Bleach (until the point I left the Manga) He was a strong presence, but one that we havent seen actually fighting (Again, up to the last chapter I saw, he didnt had a fight) I can dare and say like Jiriaya, were it took us 300+ chapters to see him at true force or Itachi for that matter.
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