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Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
And that's the problem...While Luffy takes his Glory when Whitebeard should be the one taking care of his business going after the big names wit hhis Elites not pause and stop like they did chapters ago.
Well, I understood since I begun reading your post that this is your problem with the story right now, I myself don't like principal characters steeling the show from side characters (well...I actually don't like that much Shonen Principal characters), but as Shonen readers these are the sort of things that we have to get used to.

But, to be honest, and is possible I said it in older threads, is that I never envisioned Whitebeard to have real cengtersatge like the one you are asking for. heck, everyone of us Knew that sooner or later that Luffy was going to reach the center stage.
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