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How the heck do you call World power members fodder? and how will their fights and moves be meaningless? You make no sense.
And how the heck do you call Luffy fodder?

And was Akainu magma fist meaningful to the story? Or Boa kiss shot? Or Hawk's "strength test"? Did they hurt anyone named? Will those moves affect the battle in any ways?

Cannon fodder cannon fodder..
Wait, you call them cannon fodder yourself...
No you are terribly wrong, Luffy pulls powers out of his cheeks all the time so please just stop. and the Big boys should have been fighting [They been here for five chapters]
Five chapters but it depicted 10 minutes.

Luffy hardly pulls mega power out of the air. He pulls out damage ENDURANCE. Which triumph character's will power that apparently every fighting shounen manga out there have.

I talks about manga's time, you dodge it and talk about number of chapters. You said I was wrong about Luffy with no explanation.

hell Akira Toriyama allowed his big boys to get busy from the gates, So did Kishimoto!!
But those fights do not happen in a war. Not one at this scale.

A war is a messy brawl...Especially from so called scallywag pirates.
Huge misconception. You are talking about a gang fight, not a war with thousands of people.

They aren't doing anything but standing there watching Luffy and backing him up.
And how can Luffy survives without backup? I raised this point and you dodge it again.

And What they did (Iva winked once, Jimbei took on an opponent that he would have an advantage) I consider hardly backup. I said that, but you just said "no, it's backup," without whatsoever explanation again.

That main character excuse is so lame..
So you want Luffy has no part in this war? Or doing something so worthless not even worth to draw? So you want to not see the main character in action when his brother is being executed, only have the big names fight and leave Luffy out for 25 chapters more till the war ended?

And I said it's logical to have the big names come to the stage later than the cannon fodder. How about drawing the cannon fodder first (luffy) and draw the big shots several chapters later? (And don't say: they already be there for 5 chapters, you will just dodge my points that the time interval is short in the manga again) How about saying where that is wrong also? Don't just dodge it.

He did it to Ace besides That wasn't my main point of my post, you ignored that part.
Ace attacked Whitebeard. Luffy tried to protect him. And Luffy is acquaintance's acquaintance. Ace was a stranger.

And this is not my main point either. What did I ignore?
He should have been had Whitebeard pirates try to do what Luffy's doing right now chapters ago not become the tools for the mai ncharacter lol, terible fanservice.
The heck your talking about. I've been saying it's stupid and kinda impossible to have such a huge brawl drawn out nicely. How about YOU tell us how such a brawl should be depicted? I asked you to do that, and you, again, just dodge what you cannot answer.

Also, how about YOU tell us how will Whitebeard recklessly jump in the middle of 3 admirals and 5 shichibukai and save Ace and come back alive.

cause cannon fodder is for cannon fodder and big names are for big names
Who made that rule? Again, you have no explanation.

I said that it is logical for him use cannon fodder to occupy enemy's big names, to wait and observe. How about explain why that's wrong instead of ignoring it?

You Just dodge what you cannot argue, again.

If all you said is how bad it is, but cannot describe properly how should the manga have gone, and can only say in general "whitebeard should have done his job blah blah blah..." just stop talking.

I'm waiting for you to recite your same argument without any backup and ignore mine again without whatsoever explanation

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