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Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
How the heck do you call World power members fodder?
you compare them to whitebeard XD
They aren't doing anything but standing there watching Luffy and backing him up. That main character excuse is so lame..
No, whitebeard is the only one standing around, the rest have been fighting
Oda can't show us every detail, but we have seen Marco and Jozu trading blows with admirals and shichibukai... we have even seen one of the other commanders fighting and getting owned by Doflamingo... just because we do not see what they are doing at the moment does not mean they are doing nothing... seriously, unless you want this war to be twice as many chapters long as it's really beeen, you have to accept that fighting is going on of screen... this is where anime filler will be very useful actually

I mean we may not see Ao kiji at the moment, but does that means he's just chilling, or does it mean he's fighting and taking out pirates?
Hell we haven't seen much Vice admrial action out of the ones we saw lined up early on, but we can be sure they are fighting

Whitebeard is the ONLY one who is not fighting
hell Akira Toriyama allowed his big boys to get busy from the gates
you don't remember DBZ very well do you?

Saiyan saga... MANY chapters of nappa vs DBZ minor characters before we finally got to Goku vs Vegeta

Freeza Saga... MANY chapters of Gohan and Krillan... Vegeta was there too but all they did was fight minions.... how long did we have to wait for freeza to actually get into action? much less how long until Goku vs Freeza

Android saga... had to go though Dr.Gero and number whatever before they got to 17 and 18... and hell they weren't even the main villians of that arc... you mention Cell, but even Cell stalled for time... instead of jumping right into battle with his complete form, he had the Cell jrs fight first before he jumped into the ring

The big guys always fought LAST when there were minor characters to fight

True kishimoto gets to the big guys fast... however he also doesn't include much on minor characters... i mean, atasuki supposedly has minions but none of them are used for fighting... without minions or many minor characters, kishi can get to the big guys right away... however, unlike Akatsuki, whitebeard and Sengoku DO have minions and minor characters
LULZ, Oars doesn't have elite commanders under him and he doesn't have quake powers that can shatter Admirals on point! I'm not just talking Whitebeard here I'm talking Whitebeard pirates...Yet we got retarded Luffy charging in [With back up from whitebeard pirates] and now you say whitebeard can't do the same with all the back up he's brought?
And do you think the whitebeard pirates are enough to just storm the place...
Marco has shown himself able to counter an admiral, Jozu can counter a shichibukai... but what about the rest? Are the other commanders enough to counter the other 2 admirals, and 4 shichibukai? We know that one of them is being beaten pretty effortlessly by Doflamingo... And hell what of the vice admirals; if the commanders move to counter the admirals and schikibukai, then the vice admirals might move in to counter them and thus leaving Whitebeard open for atleast a triple team... Hell, even if the other commanders could create an opening for Whitebeard to get to Ace; Sen Goku might have a team of Pacifistas waiting behind the platform to blast him to kingdom-come... As i said above, the whitebeards ARE already fighting and pushing through; Whitebeard is the only one shown standing by doing nothing

And shattering Ao kiji isn't really that big of a deal... Luffy was able to do it to... It all part of being a logia; instead of taking damage from a punch, Ao kiji shatters and takes no damage at all... really, all whitebeard did was inconvience him
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