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Okay this is how I see it going down in couples:

Ichigo and Orihime-my OTP by the way(people say there not good for eachother and that they have no connection and I have to say I disagree,he treats her with respect,he's different with her then any other girl,and I think he has a little thing for the Princess.

Renji and Rukia-my 2nd favorite,and heres why,they have a history together,they always have eacothers back without any hesitation,they protect eachother and I also think that they have a secret love thing going on.

Toushiro and Momo-my third favorite and heres why,there history,the way they act around eachother,he will protect her no matter what,the way they look at eachother(LOVE)Shiro-chan just to confess already,lol.

Urahara and Yoruichi-my fourth favorite and heres why,there always together and when there not there thinking about eachtother,they make a HOT couple,they have history,and you can so tell that they have a thing for one another.

Those are the only ones I can think of right now...those are my favorites.
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