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Question about this router, connectivity and overloading

I moved back home for the summer, my parents house has cable and recently also enhanced internet thanks to their ISP.
There are two computers, mine and theirs connected to the modem with the use of a router (since the modem is on the main floor and both pc's one floor and two floors up). The modem is a Conceptronic C100BRS4H and is about 5 years old now probably even older.

The thing is that I am not sure if it is dying or not or if it is in need of replacement. I never handled routers before so it is a guessing game for me now, I do know about one thing which is overloading after experiencing it in a house with 5 other people and one very rude guest who never capped his stuff.

My dad plays WoW, I tried torrenting something capped at 1,5 mb/ps and the router gave out. I tried several times capped at 750 kb/ps and it gave out again.
I tried capping at 500 kb/ps with my computer being the only one turned on and it gave out again. If I even had Utorrent open with a torrent active in the download section it would simply "die" until reset and if it were active during resetting it would only live for 5-10 seconds and die again.

I was here last year and I had capped my things around 750 kb - 1 mb and left it running all day without problems while other people gamed downstairs. It is now a first that it is giving out.

However if my dad games and I only lurk online then it doesn't give out. So I started looking around for solutions, I heard several people mentioning that older routers can't handle the modern speeds as well as they should (unlimited I can run up to a download speed of 9mb/ps due to changes the ISP made this year, but only for so long as clearly my router can't handle it). I am now running Utorrent with some configured changes and the router hasn't given out yet; I capped at 500 kb/ps again and limited my connections from 200 to 50 (can this really change so much and cause my router to remain alive?) and turned off the DHT.
(I already tried changing ports on the router but that didn't help me much).

The routers capacity is 100mbs in WAN. I wanted to know what you guys thought about the situation before I start spending cash on a possible replacement which in its price category will have the same max capacity as the old one most likely and if it isn't dying I would probably have the same problem all over again but after losing cash which I could spend on other things.

I just found it weird that in a house sharing internet with 5 other students who all go about their gaming etc. including a router I didn't have problems with my current connection set up and now I am in a house with 2 people one of which is myself and another who only plays WoW and the router here kept on giving out, I figured the traffic in our home would be a lot more intense than here. (I always limit the download and upload speeds at around 750kb-1mb, we also capped the receiving packages for each user in my other home with 6 but this router doesn't have a menu for it in its settings, I looked everywhere and it doesn't even have a monitor for it). Right now it is still online and running with a torrent reaching the cap of 500, I am going to test tomorrow if it will run or give out while running this and WoW at the same time. But can the max connections which I had set to 200 cause that much trouble?

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