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Originally Posted by Xion Valkyrie View Post
If he throws in some memory loss schtick I might just drop this manga...
Amen to that. Well, I really hope he won't pull something so cliche after already using the "power loss" shtick. The "optimistic" estimate here is that he's just feeling depressed about the Elder's death. After all, it was his plan and it backfired rather spectacularly... Well, we'll know the next week.

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
After seeing it again my thing is how did the Sunwoo guys lose to the SWAT guys? Not knocking SWAT or anything, but you'd think they could have handled them easily...
Quite so. Remember how those SUC mooks easily kicked the SWAT way back in NW? If the Sunwoo can't do better than some ki-powered mooks, then...
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