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i don't think that the clip from ep one is real or part of bootas dream because in ep 26 when simon has all those alternate univeres around him you can see the clip from episode one where captain garlock is walking onto the bridge but you have to freeze frame it.

Like they said though if they do extend the Gurren Lagann universe it'll be with new charcters and settings, so i'm thinking an OVA that focuses on Gimmy and Darry with any of the following enemies or scenarios

1.New enemy
2.More anti-spirals
3.war between spiral beings over the spiral nemisis

either way i expect the siral nemisis to be some part of it wich is why i am leaning to a more orginal characters and settings but i could bewrong. So here is my idea.

Set possibly on a colonised planet some years after the epilouge, most likley when all the orginal cast except for gimmy, darry and viral are dead, a young boy is given the core drill for the gurren lagann when his planet is attacked by any of the enemies listed above. The OVA will be about three or six episodes long and i expect Simon to feature in some way or another because seeing as lord genome could make someone immortal with his level of technology i wouldn't be suprised if they could make themselves younger or transfer their minds to cloned bodies with the technology we saw in the epilouge.
I'm hoping that Simon will become like Kamina was to him and then simon will probably die in a Gar scene.

Still i could be wrong again it's possible that the boy that simon was talking to will become the protagonist for any spinoff they make.

Also as a side note the multiringed iris my have another part to play as a sign of a truly awakend spiral being, Lord genome had, them Kittan had them and Simon had one in the epilouge.
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