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Originally Posted by Yui Is My Wife View Post
Hmm, just for fanfic ideas:

It's a BIG stretch, wouldn't it be awesome if the Ro-Kyu Bu girls are all actual children of the "Slam Dunk" Cast.

It could work on the basis that:

1) It's been 17 years since the Inter-High Tournaments detailed in Slam Dunk, and the starting line are all 32 to 35 year olds now, more than likely with families.

2) The girls take their mothers surnames instead of their fathers'

So, for fanfic writers out there, here are the Shohoku Lineup and their daughters, who uncannily match their fathers' court positions and maybe even personalities):

Sakuragi Hanamichi => Tomoka (Both Geniuses )
Rukawa Kaede => Saki (Both Cool as ice. )
Akagi Tankenori = > Airi (Both giants )
Mitsui => Maho (Both jerks who are excellent 3 point shots)
Miyagi Ryota => Hinata (Both tiny but incredibly fast point guards)

But it will have to work on the sad assumption that neither Sakuragi NOR Miyagi will get the girls of their dreams. And Haruko will not get Rukawa either.
Fixed for ya.

Wow. Now that's Wild Mass Guessing material we're talking about!

Spoiler for My own WMG:

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