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give more focus to characterization and development of the characters rather than making "big" twists to the plot. as others said, the show seems to "jump the shark" in every other episode with inconsistency with their story and characters, to keep us going WTF, when the whole point of a show is to tell a story instead.

the romance for instance, shoeXinori would feel much more sympathetic and sweet if they did show how their relationship improved. all I saw was shoe angsting and being pathetic while inori just shutting up as a background character. like I said in the ep 21 thread, the lines should have been swapped where shoe would say "inori introduced me to a new world" and inori would say "shoe is a much deeper person than that".
same said to the other pairings. while I myself disagree entirely about darylXtsugumi, they truly wasted their time on this if in the end nothing really happened with either him or tsugumi. sure I dont like him to be with her but only since he has yet to really redeem himself and be a good guy. entire thing was wasted, could have been used for the other "important" characters aka shoeXinori instead of this.

there's also the usage of "timeskip" that seems to happen every other episode. where something "big" happens, next episode we get something like a few days/week have passed rather than seeing it develop right there. this is what makes it hard to swallow in certain times. if we saw how shoe struggled after stopping mana and killing gai, or how he grew more cold overtime after hare died, he'd really feel sympathetic.

all in all, im giving the show 5/10 since the show apparently has good music and visuals. though these didnt really matter for me, I really dont see how this was beautiful/astonishing in comparison with other anime. I only saw "lots of bright colors" with silver(from grabbing voids).
none of the music was really interesting imo. it didnt even land a place in my MP3 while the likes of itsuka tenma and C: the money of soul did. didnt get any "feelings" getting drawn from listening.

they get that score for at least having an interesting theme and good potential that was just wasted. it would get 1 point higher if shoe died with inori for a romantic end, or if shoe realized that his feelings for her were really shallow and that he would live well afterwards.
the show would be along the likes of the typical ecchi/harem shows that were done decently if not for the glaring mistakes. it just suffers worse considering the staff behind this and the hype.
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