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It was not Shannon who was the culprit but Beatrice who wants Batter's attention. Shannon loves George and passed on her feelings to Beatrice.

In EP4 we seen that Beatrice holds something against Battler for a sin that was not committed to Beatrice but for someone else. That is an indication that Beatrice's motive did originate with her as she did not exist and Battler's sin being one of the factors on why the murders occurred.
If we suppose that a harmless "murder mystery game" was done because of Battler's return, and that people not involved misunderstood the situation and became paraoid and started killing others, then there is no contradiction with ALL of Yasuda's "personas" to be innocent, as without Battler's return there wouldn't be a murder mystery game to begin witch.

But that of course depends on what you think Beato's red truth applied to. Because you came back to Rokkenjima, people die. Can be interpreted in many ways.

Originally Posted by goldendust View Post
I think one of the themes in Umineko that fantasy is better and more comforting than mystery/reality. Reality will rarely live up to fantasy.
And that is the problem. You forget that mystery =/= reality. Battler said it himself: "If you were a detective and claimed that hidden doors don't exist, because they are not allowed to exist, then the people around you would check if you had some loose screws."

Aside from that there is also Legend o.t.g.W., where there have been no fantasy scenes until the Tea Party. But i guess you realized by now that some scenes were still "fictional".

And correct me if I am wrong, but I don't remember any fantasy scenes to be very heartwarming in WTC3. These "ohh fantasy is so nice"-scenes didn't exist until chiru... aside from some parts in EP3 and some scenes with Kanon/Shanon and their "lovers". Instead i remember an insane witch having fun killing people and reviving them, just to kill them once again, as many times as she wants.
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