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Then which is Erika's motive for killing people in EP 6?
Has she gone mad/paranoud all of sudden?

It's a possible explanation that PieceErika's motive is she'd gone mad but the explanation we generally go for is that MetaErika moved her Piece in such way to generate a logic error.
As this action is OOC for PieceErika (we're nowhere said Erika was a psychokiller, though she surely has an unpleasant personality) her motive is weak.
Well that is one possible explanation. We have to consider that it was said that pieces cannot act too much OOC in EP5.

About EP6, I am not sure how much that as a valid game considering the blatant tampering on Erika's part and Battler's retroactive changes to the story. I do not think we saw Batter as a piece ever act like that nor ever shown awareness about his status as a piece.

More so that the end was never really allowed to end one way or another. That game concluded with just fixing the logic error due to Erika playing a different role in the story then intended.

Also we don't even know if Battler has guessed Kirye's motive right.
It could be that Kirye was bribed into dragging Hideyoshi out of the house or wanted to kill him because she believed him to be the culprit.
After all it wasn't Eva who was the culprit and it's unlikely Hideyoshi managed to kill Rudolf and Kirye who in return managed to shoot him to dead.

The cigarette butt might have been placed there by the real culprit in fact it's Beato who searches in the corpses' pockets so that Battler can notice the cigarette and do his own deduction about the motive.
A large point of EP3 was to help Battler after his abysmal failure in EP2. Beatrice dumped a lot of hints within the game. That no unknown person can exist, the catbox metaphor, the pony promise that Batter made etc. The whole EP has been basically training wheels for Battler.

Unlikely but not impossible. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that Hideyoshi was able to kill them both but got killed himself.

Beatrice was helping Battler since he could not do it himself. Like I said that EP3 was basically training wheels for Battler.

That can be a hint and a hint can be what was said in Ryukishi's interview.
Though personally I think Shannon can't be the culprit because I doubt Eva would cover up for her.
Why? Eva is desperate to gain money for her husband's sake as well deisred the headship since her youth. Something that was within Yasuda's means to give her if Eva agreed.

Will said to Claire that thanks to solving the epitaph that vast wealth allowed to pick up different accomplices.

They share the same body though. This would make Shannon someone who suffer of multiple personality and one of those personalities is a sociopath murderer who's killing people just to get Battler's attention on Shannon.
Yes the story portrays them as incomplete souls born from Yasuda's soul or in other words multiple personalities.

Beatrice 'existed' as the witch who played pranks prior to Battler's sin.
Ep 6 represented her as Beato the elder.
I meant that the Beatrice that Batter was beeing faced with as shown by the red truth

Six years ago for me, no person called Beatrice existed.

The sin I am now demanding that you remember is not between Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice.

That is a hint in EP4 of Beatrice's origin. EP3 introduced the concept of a witch being born from a human so it is possible to make that connection.

You seem to imply that if Nanjo lied to cover up someone then Nanjo is capable of lying to cover up everything. As people aren't just black or white Nanjo might have drawn a line somewhere.
There are very few people who had never lied once in their life to cover up something but not everyone would be willing to lie to cover up a mass murder that might end up involving them as well.
No I am suggesting that Nanjo's role was to cover up the life/death status of certain people like he was doing the whole time with Kinzo. People trust Nanjo as a doctor and Nanjo himself is an accomplished liar who aided other in the pasts in their ill deeds.

Of course people lie and can draw the line somewhere but like I said Nanjo is not "everyone" nor he is an entirely honest man, we do not know where he would draw the line.

With a vast amount of wealth and potential threat. Why would not be possible for Nanjo to aid a murder by lying about life/death statuses?

How did Nanjo know Yasu wouldn't have killed him too?
And even if he believed she would have spared him how did he plan to explain to the police the situation once they would reach Rokkenjima?
Like with accomplices and murderers. He trusted Yasuda to not kill him or he was forced into helping like Nastuhi did indirectly in EP5.

The explosives would remove all of the evidence, Nanjo can just say that like Eva that he escaped. What are they going to convict him with? If Eva did not go to prison, the family doctor certainly would not.

We don't know if she actually killed them. All we're shown is a magic scene in which EvaBeatrice killed and resurrected them and then it was Beato who killed them for good.
Of course we do not know although a lot hints towards it. The most glaring is the method of murder.

Fantasy might be nice and conforting but in the long run if you indulge too much in it you get more pain than gain.
Indeed in some cases fantasy being a comforting lie does not work. However in one of your examples like Ange, they story portrayed that giving up on fantasy friends was a negative thing.

Although if you consider the magic vs trick ending that the magic one where Ange believes in magic and blindly hopes that someone will return is the most positive one.
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