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Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
Sorry, but I think you misunderstood me. For me at least it is Fantasy =/= Fiction/Lie.
Tell me honestly... when you read/watched EP1, did you really know that Kinzo's talk with Natsuhi was a delusion/lie? Or were you convinced that the death of Kanon was a fake scene or just really magic? I at least didn't. The setting was completly that of a mystery. Unlike the later Episodes, the scenes without Battler lacked the usual "magic shows".
Actually yes, I always thought Kinzo was already dead. No matter if they appeared before in the narrative, character only gets a character file in the r_click menu when Battler sees them, except for Kinzo, giving away that he wasn't a real person.

Also, the point is not that fantasy is like, good, and mystery evil, like you seem to suggest we think. It's about how fantasy makes a STORY that in itself is more heartwarming. If anything, the very end of Umineko has Ange reviving everyone. Good luck reaching that with mystery alone.
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