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Well it seems my view was a bit different, because i was "Anime-first"....

Anyway, you still don't get what I want to say... for example the scene with Kanon, Genji and Kumasawa "finding" the guestroom with Eva and George death. As we all got to know now, it did not really happen, but the scene still looked plausible, and as long as we think about a reliable narrator, we will probably believe in that scene. There was no "magic" aside form the magic circle, that however really existed. My point is until EP1 TP there are no "flying stakes that transform into girls"...

And that was just about Legend o.t.g.W.

Then from EP2 onwards we get Beato's magic shows with goats fighting etc.

While you could say "it is good that it's none of the people that Battler knows" is a good and "heartwarming" thing, in (almost) every single twilight there is a scene described, how the victim becomes torn into pieces very detailed, mixed with "classical" music to make this look as if the murderer actually enjoys that.

The "hearwarming" scenes were clearly overshadowed, sometimes even interupted by the horror scenes.
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