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You just need a few good warm up exercises to perform equally in one take. If you've ever been into a choir or did solo singing, you know what those are like, but for those that don't, you can get some of them from the internet.

As for the new rule: Last time, I had a pretty complex song so I recorded it in two parts. Any more than that and the recording would've been funky as hell (I tried ). Also, multi-stage recording (except voice overlaps) wasn't explicitly forbidden. I mean to honor the present rule though.

I don't really object to the new "all in one take" rule but as far as possible faulty accusations are concerned, everyone, including judges, contestants, and the listeners, should know that this competition is held so that we all have some fun (oh, and kcl gets her annual torture time ). We really shouldn't be disecting everyone's audio graph to spot abnormalities in one's voice, like we were doing a karaoke witch hunt or something. Contestants should respect the rules, and that's all there is to it.
My thoughts exactly. If this competition becomes some kind of meticulous scrutiny of recording, the atmosphere of respect and friendship may change. But my answer would be to just toss the "all at once" clause, because unfortunately, not all people are willing to follow rules when it's so hard to detect a transgression.

I mean, I don't care that much about it. We'll see how the event transpires, and decide on next time based on the results.
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