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Originally Posted by KickHopper View Post

Wow you've really improved. The only that really needs fixing is the text as it looks like it doesn't fit IMO since it's so huge. Usually I would take advantages of the big spaces that my stock isn't in so my text doesn't overlap the stock that much.
haha thx a lot kickhopper
Originally Posted by Setsilya~ View Post
Need moar lolis.... Seriously. The tag looks good, the color don't fit that well though.
yea the colors are kinda random blue colors =/, and yes lolis...XD
Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
The left side is too empty IMO..

Also, permission to pulll her cute ears >.<

So cute ( ^▽^)
hmmm i guess the left side is pretty empty but i mean that side isn't so big so i didn't think it was so empty. I meant she is kind of more situated to the left...

and U can only pull it once D:

so is this any better?
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