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Dragon Knight 3 and 4, Words Worth, Es Formula, YU-NO, Castle Fantasia, Izumo, Kanon, Air, Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito... I think I'm gonna lost count... I guess you could say that I love hentai games

Dragon knight 3(A.K.A.Knights of Xentar)Was a nice game. But unfortunaly I only played the English version I would have loved to have played the Jap version so I could see what was REALLY being said in most of the scenes.Now Dragon Knight 4 now thats a rare game now. I loved the Strategy in the game. It was a little too hard near the end though.Near the end it was really easy to make a mistake and lose some of your comrades but I got smarter and overcame that.And the humor wasn't so bad either.Now Words Worth Man I first ran into the hentai of that by accident. I remember when I went to buy me a Anime Dvd I ended up getting words worth the Hentai instead of the one I wanted because they put the wrong disc in the case. Anyway I haven't fully played that game I only tried it out but I plan on trying that one soon. And as for YU-NO I CANNOT FIND THAT TO BUY ANYWHERE.Its not fair how come everyone else found a way to get their hands on it but I can't find it anywhere?? Whats the game like and about?

And I guess I'll add some more of my favorites:
Doukyuusei 1(The original not the windows version. I haven't tried that version yet.)
Doukyuusei 2(This was the game that got me curious about the Hentai genre more. I remember I played the Snes version of that and I was hooked and surprised of the story. I wouldn't have thought it was an H game back then.)
Kakyuusei(Addicting game.Can't wait until part 2 comes out.)
Pia Carrot 2(I didn't like part 1 too much.)

The stupidest H games I've played:
Aishimai (That was just a pointless game. Every single choice you pick you get a H scene. Everywhere you look you get a H-scene. That was more boring then fun for me.)

As you can prob tell from my List I'm still kind of new at this whole H game thing.And as for Kanon and Air I heard alot of things about those two but the Artwork looks soo chubby and weird I never had the desire to try them out.
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