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Joining the RE-Watch. Actually I'm almost at the end last week.
Episode 1 features introduction. I'm going to describe each character the way they are shown in first Episode.
Ryuuji Takasu is a misunderstood person with a good personality and a very organized way of life. He is an average tall guy, with a single mom and poor. He always blame his unfortunate looks to his father(A Yankee) who he thinks is dead. Never had a father all his life → This part is very important in his later behaviors. Best friend with Kitamura and likes Minori Kushieda. And also he doesn't like molds.
Taiga Aisaka is a girl living in a "big mansion" alone. Bad personality, bold mouth and selfish attitude. She looks like a doll and small but with Tiger attitude and terrible→Hence the Palm top Tiger. Have family problems and friends with Minori. She has a crush on Kitamura. She is very clumsy.
Kitamura Yuusaku is best friend of Ryuuji. He is wearing glasses.
Minori Kushieda is best friend of Taiga. Energetic and easy going.
Yasuko→Ryuuji's mom who works at night in a club as Mirano.
Inko→A weird parrot. He can't say his own name.
Oh yeah forgot about the female teacher(Unknown name for now)
This pretty much sums up their descriptions. Now for the important part of the episode
Ryuuji finds an empty love letter from Taiga on his bag→Taiga ambushed him with a kendo→Ryuuji and Taiga knowing each other's crushes. →Ryuuji "agreeing" to be a dog in order to get Taiga out.→ And starts the life of Ryuuji being a maid of Taiga's mansion.
I remember this episode, I kind of disappointed when they have other crushes and pretty much annoyed with the whole slapstick. Rewatching it I kind of understand their behaviors especially Taiga. Very refreshing and enjoyed it.
The whole "father" thing with Ryuuji is very important to note and Taiga's family. Other note is that they have a crush in each other's best friend. What a connection.
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