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Training is useless for a campione, just like what alec mentioned. The only way for him to master the authorities is by battling god in various situations even more. What I mean by mastery is on how he use the authority, and lessening of side effect such as the pain and inability from the raptor, or even further reduction in ram revival time(this one seems to be almost maxed out already) or maybe even a larger area from which he can take life force when using the goat form, not further strengthening of his power.

As for v-san, from what I gather, the reason he's undefeatable is the extreme adaptability of his 10 forms, which is I think where his chant come from. Of course there might be some incompatible power that might make v-san have a hard fight, but with the adaptability of his power, v-san will somehow find a way toward victory.

What I'm afraid with adding more authority for Godou is, the author might fall in the trap of keep adding power to him instead of adding his creativity in using his current authority to defeat the enemy like what he has done so far.
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