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Originally Posted by kuroishinigami View Post
Well,v-san lose against a human after all so obviously he isn't invincible lol. But, I always feel that even if v-san's warrior form is sealed, he will still find a way to win, probably by using goat or stallion form, and maybe add his opponent as companion due to his youth form charisma. Well, it might be me overestimating him though because in my mind, a god of victory must not lose even if he has to die after achieving victory lol. A god of victory who can't achieve victory is like a god of harvest who can't control harvest or god of steel who can't control steel.

Anyway, my point is, instead of adding more authorities, I much prefer the author make Godou use v-san's authority and v-san's status as god of victory to the max(as in as creative as possible), even if it meant he has to use the help of other campiones or god to defeat his enemy.
Yet, there are gods who are able to seal Verethragna's abilities altogether, such as Perseus and a certain other
Spoiler for vol 13:
And about gods of victory, I wonder what would happen if Verethragna and Nike fought each other?

My point is that a diversity of authorities is always welcomed, preferably an authority from a goddess of the earth. There are always gods out there who can render all your abilities useless if these abilities contains a certain attribute.
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