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Originally Posted by Magin View Post
So we have another female fan of this series? Okay, now I'm scared

and I'm starting to prefer manga to anime these days. Mostly because manga is never constricted by any sort of limit, like anime is with episodes
Why are you scared?

Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
np, another R+V is always welcome. I do know what you mean about Manga, TBH I didn't read much manga either until I got my hands on R+V then I became addicted.

And its good to see another Mizore fan too ^_^
It's kinda weird because I love to read in general yet I've never gotten so much into manga. I know some people who first got into "Japanese media" (for lack of a better term) through manga, and then got hooked on Anime, but for me it was different.

Mizore's great though I really do like all the girls for their different qualities and personalities and I just love the dysfunctional chemistry they all have.

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