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I'm surprised this show is so popular that it has a dedicated forum. Besides the impressive animation quality, it looks pretty plain to me.
It all depends on what you're looking out for in an anime; that was something I discovered last night while watching with my friend. When I was watching it alone, I was absorbed in the details and the animation quality, since I watch anime regularly and know the aspects where this series stands out from the rest. It was also a refreshing change from other anime showing this season, and together they form a good variety of content and style for me.

When I was watching with my friend (who seldom watches anime), I found myself more concerned about the entertainment value of the show. Simply put, it's about how to keep someone interested in the show for 24 minutes. It was then that I realised, without putting emphasis on the little details, the show actually proceeds quite slowly. Since the anime follows the manga closely, the pace is quite slow (for a medium where one's attention span is typically 30 seconds or less). The jokes and main events are funny, but they are spaced apart and do not have a cumulative effect to bring about a humorous atmosphere.

I'll definitely be catching on to the show for the qualities that I admire, but I'm also starting to understand the other parts of the show that were sacrificed in the process of pursuing those qualities.
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